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Tiny Miracles

For years Laurien Meuter worked as a banker for ABN AMRO in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Today, her work focuses on the least fortunate in the world. Her mission? To help 1 million people to break their own poverty cycle and to stay out of it.
During her volunteerwork, Laurien met Kiran (7), a drug addicted child living on the streets of Mumbai, India. They had a special connection and spent lots of time together. One day he was gone, he took an overdose. 
Laurien realized that the life she was living could be so much more fulfilling if she listened to her internal compass and not to external expectations. She founded Tiny Miracles. 
Laurien asked one single, powerful question: What is it that you need? Listening to their stories led to a realization: Better futures are built on hope. And hope, when planted in the mind of a child, has the potential to grow into something invaluable: the belief that tomorrow could be different and that you can actively contribute to the course of your life.
Nowadays, 2250 people are impacted by making these products and they have broken the cycle of poverty. 

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